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But calling a slow-atus for my characters because I suspect my availability has gone to crap :'D

This applies to my conglomerate (Dean, Leto, Kirk, Stefan, Sherlock, Rex, Optimus, Hotsuma, Clint, Jackson and Melaka)

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Jackson is not a nice guy.

In fact, he's so far from a nice guy, it's not funny.

So this is a post to ask permission whether Jackson can be a dick at you. He's mean! He's cruel! He doesn't always think his insults through. ARE YOU OKAY WITH THIS please tell me.
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Your Name/Alias: Timmy
Age: 24
Character: Jackson Whittemore
Series: Teen Wolf (2011)
Character Age: 16
Canon: For Scott McCall, life in Beacon Hills was boring. After all, nothing ever happened there. That changed when he decided to take a walk during the night in a forest, found a dead body and got himself bitten by a werewolf. Now, Scott McCall has to deal with love, high school, fangs and claws and other ridiculous teenage drama. At least he's popular.

Jackson Whittemore used to be the popular guy. Well he's still popular, but so is Scott McCall and Jackson can't bear that. Co-Captain of the Lacrosse team, Jackson strives for perfection in everything he does. Arrogant, rude and insulting, Jackson is only looking out for the "me" in "team" because that is what he
deserves. Easily goaded into anger and retaliation, he isn't the nicest person around, using manipulation to get what he wants. Despite his overall attitude towards people, Jackson relies heavily on appreciation and always looks for ways of proving his self-worth. However, due to his shallowness and teenage logic, he often makes bad life decisions to get it.

Sample Post:

So this is officially the last time I ever volunteer to captain a crappy camp lacrosse team. At least one called the "Camp Zombies". It's a new level of desperate, but I think you're also in a swamp and green is clearly not your color. "Swamp Freaks" must have been taken, but if you ask me for suggestions, I've got tons to lay on you. In fact, since you all suck and I'm clearly not getting enough out of them, I'll start drafting up a list and you guys can pick a new one. And it's all thanks to your new captain here. That's right, And with me, you guys are gonna be the next made-for-TV success sports story since apparently the last guy got on Marcy's good side and ditched the swamp. I have no idea what that means but I'm all for kicking out the loser and bringing in the winner. FYI, the winner is me in case you weren't sure.

Right, time to settle the team strategies. I don't do stupid inspirational speeches so just remember this one thing: pass the ball to me. Why? I'm only trying to help out here. I am the captain for a reason. Maybe that reason is to prove I am better than McCall, but you need me. You're sure as hell not going to be able to get anywhere on your own. Think of it as a way of scratching each others backs. Just don't touch mine, you smell. Ever hear of popularity, of being liked? Stupid question, you guys are campy zombies. At least I know what it's like and you can have a part in it. A small part, but considering the kind of lives you have here, you should be grateful I am even bothering to give a chance. Yeah, that's right, it's only fair I get the pay off.

I'm finally glad we got that cleared up. This would be so much easier if I could just juice you guys up. Maybe Tuesday's soup? I hear that stuff is for winners. You guys are "winners" right? Or you plan on being "losers" forever? If you're gonna grunt for a yes, then do it from a distance okay. Now go get some meat on those bones while I go check my text messages.

Huh, they're really going for it. Freaks.

((In with 39/1))


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